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Internet marketing can be confusing and very frustrating for new comers on the internet (and for internet pros too). You may be tired of hearing conflicting stories of how to promote your web site, how to get your site on Google....and all the other spam you see on and about the internet.

Sometimes the primary purpose of internet marketing gets lost in the hype used by people whose only real purpose is to get you to pay for their services.

Let me try to clear up a few things for you. This is for those of you who are trying to promote your web site on a very limited budget. Here's some basic information you want to remember regarding internet marketing.

  1. To start with make sure you have some good stats for your web site. You can get a lot of information about the kind of traffic that your site attracts.
  2. Be sure you have something to say on your web site - in text. Search engines can't read graphics.
  3. Imagine what keyword you would use to find your own web site. What service or products stands out (or do you want to stand out). Use no more than 3-4 keywords for each page on your site.
  4. Use that keyword in the page title, meta descriptions, meta keywords, as the first words at the top of your content in large print, h1 is best although not always pretty.
  5. Use keyword(s) multiple times within the text on that page as well as in the alt text for graphics.
  6. Use keyword in larger print as the last words on the page.
  7. Use those same keywords in text links leading to that page, both from within and outside your site.
  8. If you want to target multiple keywords, make sure you have a seperate page for every 3-4 keywords.
  9. Don't listen to the wolf. For example when you hear that Google doesn't rank exchange links very high it is just plain wrong. Link exchanges count very well on all the search engines. Anything that Google says about internet marketing is designed to promote Google and to discourage traffic from any other source.
  10. You will probably have just as much traffic coming from links from other sites as from search engines.
  11. Most of your traffic will come from repeat visitors once your web site has been established. Make sure your site navigation is easy for the user to use.
  12. Google's PR system is no longer relevant. There is way too much emphasis on Google's rating system which is now extremely close to being a random system.
  13. There are more search engines on the net other than Google. Many of you may find that you get better quality traffic from Yahoo or Bing, or even other web sites.
  14. Make sure there is an html element on your web site. Many search engines have difficulty tracking software generated links.
  15. Call or email us if you have any questions regarding internet marketing. We're not bashfull about sharing information, and are more interested you your success than in keeping secrets.

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