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Want to exchange links with Link Package?

  • Step 1 - copy this to your exchange page
    Category: - Website Marketing - Marketing - Links - Advertising - Business
    Title: - Link Package | Link Management | Web Marketing
    URL: -
    Description: - Multiple link marketing. Purchase from 100 to 6000+ links on 13 seperate high traffic web sites. We also offer a great link exchange service - all done by hand.

  • Step 2 - Fill out the form below completely. (If your email bounces, or if our link policy is not followed your link will not be placed. We highly respect your privacy and do not sell, or share in any way, your name or email address).

Please read our link exchange policy. Your exchange link will be placed in a category that matches your web site. If you do not see a category that fits your web site, suggest one. If you want to exchange links with Link Package send us your source code and the URL where we can find our link as well as the link path from the home page of your site.

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Link Exchange Policy

Link exchange partners must be able to fall within the following William Boyer guidelines:

1. The link pages (exit pages) are within 2 clicks of the home pages. (unless the page the link is on has a PR1 or above)

2. There is no robots.txt forbidding access to the exchange links.

3. They are not in frames (not indexable)

4. The links are not database generated.(not indexable)

5. No three way exchanges. Too hard to track and links are often cycled away by cheaters.

6. The sites are not porn or other objectionable format.

7. The path to the exchange links are not javascript links.(not indexable) 8. Must be on a site, page or directory that reflects at least the correct general or relevant category. (advertising, marketing, business to business)

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