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Banner link advertising is effectively when: 1). You're marketing goal is name recognition. 2). A good visual better represents your story. 3). You have a banner that already works well for you. 4.) All or most of the above. (** see our terms and conditions)

We have 2 packages of banner link advertising:

Package #3 - you get 100 links spread over 14 web sites, with any combination of 468x60, 234x60, and 120x60 banners.
Set up -
monthly - $30.00
billing - paypal on a monthly subscription basis. *
Package #4 - you get over 6000 links spread over 14 web sites, with any combination of 468x60, 234x60, and 120x60 banners.
monthly - $60.00
billing - paypal on a monthly subscription basis. *
How to Order

Step # 1
Package # 3 - 100 banner links - $30.00 per month.
Package # 4 - Run of site - $60.00 per month

Step # 2

Click Here to email us

* You don't need a paypal account to take advantage of Paypal's great security, as they take Visa and Master Card.
** Terms and conditions:
1. Text Links. Every effort will be made to make all Text Links from our pages that are "relevant" to your web site unless your links are run-of-sites. .
2. LinkUp Activation. It covers: package setup, linking, layout, and activating.
3. Monthly Payment
  • 1. The payment covers: 1) Link(s) from our sites and 2) the Space used by Banner and Billboard Ads on each page.
  • 2. All payments are by PayPal (MC & Visa) unless other arrangements are made. Please call the Toll Free Customer Service number if you have a specific request to discuss.
  • 3. The payment will be automaticly charged to your account every month once activated.
  • 4. The company will not send an invoice.
  • 5. Payments are for the month following the month the payment was made in.
  • 6. An "email receipt" will be sent when payment is received.

4. Refunds. The company is not liable for refunds for any Internet disruption except those caused by its own business. In this case the company will provide a credit going forward on all accounts.
5. Account Cancellation. The customer has the right to cancel their package at any time but there will be no partial month refunds.
6. Program Change or Cancellation. The company reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.
7. Package Information.
  • 1. All "links" can be from any of the 12 websites listed.
  • 2. Run-Of-Sites is placing your TEXT LINK or BANNER 6,000+ pages of the websites listed.
  • 3. All Packages are activated in 7-10 days. All efforts will be made to actvate your packages as soon as possible.
  • 4. Change Orders. You are allowed One FREE Change Order after activation. After the Change Order Fees are $50.00 for Text Link packages and $75.00 for Banner and Billboard Ad packages.
  • 8. Policy. The company reserves the right to decline a request for linking if it is deemed to be to the detriment of the sites or the business of the company in any way. The company does not promote porn sites, pornographic or sexually explicit material, or any other objectionable material AND is not responsible for the content of any sites that are linked to not owned by the company.

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