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Internet Marketing
Organic web site traffic simply means traffic that comes to you from search engines and links (not from expensive adwords or email marketing). This kind of traffic can be greatly enhanced by optimizing your web site for keywords that you believe your clients would use to find your type of business. This is called search engine optimization or SEO.
    We look at search engine optimization in two ways - external and internal.
  • Internal: Optimization on your web site. What we do is either provide a search engine optimization service for your web site at a minimal cost, (or no cost if you order our link package), or if you do your own webmastering; provide you free information to do it yourself. Ultimately we want this to work well for you.
  • External: We sell multiple text link packages (100 links, 50 links, 25 links) that provides relevant links that are designed to enhance the keyword goals you have for your site. This amplifies the optimization effect on your site. These are our most popular packages because they work to improve your traffic.

The ultimate goal is to get your web site within the first three pages of Google results with using your keywords. This provides you a very cost-effective organic traffic base for your web site.

We can help you get better search engine results with our link packages.

Call us (352) 431-5188 or email us at contact@linkpackage.com

William Boyer
(local) (352) 431-5188

William Boyer offers a complete package of internet design, hosting, exchange link management and internet marketing.

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Over the past couple of years the various search engines have become very sensitive to relavance in link and page content in and out of any web sites in ranking them.

Try our 100 link package You will be delighted with the results.

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